Madison Youth Arts Center call for youth art!

MYArts has an enormous amount of space to display rotating exhibits of visual art by and for young people, from preschoolers to high school students.

  • MYArts is seeking organizations like schools, community centers, community organizations, etc. that would like to display art by youth program participants in the MYArts building.

  • Art displayed at MYArts should support our goals of cultivating inclusion, discovery, and collaboration; we hope the artists and artwork displayed MYArts will reflect our community as a whole.

  • Art should primarily be 2D and ideally can be on display for 1-3 months.

Kid posing in front of paintings at the Madison Youth Arts center

Showing Visual Art at MYArts

What MYArts can offer:

  • Space to display young people’s 2D artwork + appropriate hardware for hanging works on paper, cardboard, foam core, or framed pieces.

  • Print artwork credits.

  • Share information about your group’s work on our social media.

  • Coordinate a time for an informal “open house” so families and community members connected to your program can come view the art pieces.

What MYArts would need your group to:

  • Provide artwork and credits.

  • Provide matting or framing, if desired (not required).

  • Provide labor to hang the art pieces and take them down.

  • Provide information about your group, and individual artists, if desired, that can be posted alongside the art pieces.

  • Work with young people’s parents / guardians to secure permission to show the art pieces, as well as permissions regarding taking images, sharing work on social media, etc.


  • Ideally, shows should hang for a minimum of two weeks; 1-3 months preferred.

  • Most artworks should be 2D–we have limited capacity to display 3D art work safely.

  • Artwork should foster a spirit of inclusivity.

    • Artwork should be appropriate for young children to view.
    • Artworks should not have graphic depictions of sex or violence.
    • Artworks should not demonize individuals, groups, or specific political parties.

Technical information

  • MYArts uses an “art rail” system with rails about eight feet high and wires and attachments than be spaced in a wide variety of ways, giving great flexibility for the placement of pieces.

  • This document shows the location and length of art rail throughout the building, including pictures of each location.

How to propose a show:

Reach out to MYArts with the following information about your proposal:

  • Name of your group / organization

  • Age range of your participants

  • Description of the artworks you wish to display: number, size, media, etc.

  • Ideal time period for displaying the pieces

  • Anything else you’d like to share

Submit your proposal here.

Proposals for art shows at MYArts will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

MYArts anticipates that in the future it will be able to accept proposals from individual youth artists and/or from adult artists creating work that would be meaningful to youth audiences.