A space to be creative yourself seen

MYArts is a dedicated and purpose-built youth arts center in Madison, WI for young people to inspire and be inspired, discover the arts, make connections, and explore their creativity.

Children's Theater of Madison performing at the Madison Youth Arts center

A Building Bursting with Possibilities

MYArts is a vibrant community space that supports over 50 impactful youth arts programs.

Kids posing at the Madison Youth Arts center

Programming Space

Do you have a youth arts program that needs a place to practice or perform? MYArts could be your organization’s new home! Our purpose-built program space features state-of-the-art soundproofing and studios with a variety of features: sprung floors, marley, bluetooth speakers, keyboards, and more. MYArts is a beautiful, well-equipped building that tells your participants they matter and helps them feel supported. Join our community!

An exterior photo of the Madison Youth Arts center

Our Building

With room to ruminate and playful places to create, MYArts makes room for you. Our beautiful building was designed for artists, the arts, and those who appreciate them. Whether you’re a teacher, a student, a performer, a proud parent, or a gushing guardian, we’ve got space for you.

Multi-colored wall displaying THANK YOU in the Madison Youth Arts center

Your Support

MYArts is committed to enriching lives and strengthening our community through the arts. Our organization relies on your contributions to offer accessible space to arts programs in south central Wisconsin, which in turn offer affordable classes and groups for kids and teens. Support our mission of ensuring opportunities for young people to express themselves, discover the arts, and create connections by donating now.

Our Anchor Partners

MYArts is proud to be home to both the Children’s Theater of Madison and Madison Youth Choirs.

Children's Theater of Madison logo
Madison Youth Choirs logo

Youth Arts Programs in Our Building

Madison theater performing arts classes icon


We see you.

You’re larger than life, bursting with wild ideas and funny stories. You feel bigger than the box you are standing in. You’re a lot. And we want to see more. Check out the performing arts classes offered in our space, where you can come out on stage and act like a clown, a lion, or finally just act like yourself.

Madison music lessons icon


We hear you.

You find meaning in minor chords and beauty in syncopated beats. Whether you’re just learning how to tune a violin string, busting out a three–part harmony with your besties, or performing in a flawless drumline, we want to hear more of you. Play the drums or join the choir at our dedicated youth arts center.

Madison art classes icon

Visual Arts

We appreciate you.

You see a spark in the shadows and a face in the form. You make concepts out of color and life out of lines. Whether you’re looking for visual art classes for kids and teens or you’re just an art appreciator, we have a space to showcase your doodles and masterpieces alike.

Madison dance classes icon

Movement & Dance

We applaud you.

You are wriggling with energy and untapped potential. You see yourself clearly, stretching your mind and your body. Take a leap into our space built for movement. Whether you dance like no one’s watching or perform perfect pliés in front of a crowd, we applaud you. Check out the movement and dance classes at MYArts.

MYArts Youth Art Center by the Numbers


Square feet designed for youth arts





Seats and tables within the Madison Youth Arts center
Three murals displayed on the side of the Madison Youth Arts center
Colorful lights shining on the Madison Youth Arts center's front desk
An exterior photo of the Madison Youth Arts center
A multi-colored wall on the exterior of the Madison Youth Arts center

“The venue is beautifully designed, and had the best of amenities I’ve come to expect from a thoughtfully designed space.”

“Beautiful building and the parking is connected. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.”

Gymnastics performance at the Madison Youth Arts center

What’s Happening at MYArts?

We’ve always got exciting new youth arts performances and freshly squeezed creative juice flowing through our building. So check out the upcoming events and activities!