The Sunrise Theater in the Madison Youth Arts center

Sunrise Theater

A summary of specifications for the Sunrise Theater. *

A group gathering at the Sunrise Theater in the Madison Youth Arts center

Theater Information

House Style & Capacity

The Sunrise Theater is a black box style theater with variable seating configurations with a maximum capacity of 100.

Room Dimensions

The dimensions are approximately 42 ft by 28 ft within the full length curtain track which surrounds the room. The wall-to-wall dimensions are 53ft – 5in by 36ft.

Pricing Options

Half-day, full day, and weekly rates are available. Contact us to place an inquiry and learn more.

Technical Equipment

MYArts offers audio and lighting equipment on site.

Dressing Rooms

Two dressing rooms available to accommodate 20 people.

* This information is intended for guidance purposes only. Availability of any amenities described herein may change. Please contact MYArts Staff with any questions regarding MYArts Sunrise Theater to receive up-to-date information.