The Starlight Theater in the Madison Youth Arts center

Starlight Theater

A summary of specifications for the Starlight Theater. *

Woman giving a presentation at the Madison Youth Arts center's Starlight Theater

Starlight Theater Information

House Capacity

290 total seats are available for sale, with an additional four dedicated seats for ADA compliance.

Pricing Options

Half-day, full day, and weekly rates are available. Contact us to place an inquiry and learn more.

Stage Style

The Starlight Theater is a proscenium style stage with a portion of the stage, known as the apron, jutting forward into the house.

Backstage Rooms

Green Room and 4 Dressing Rooms available to accommodate 40 people

Stage Dimensions

The dimensions listed below are approximated for playing areas determined by the curtains and proscenium line. Please find the stage diagram in Appendix B of the venue packet for details.

Height: 22ft
Width: 47ft – 9in
Depth: 16ft – 4in (from proscenium line)
Apron: 14ft – 6in (from proscenium line)


MYArts provides staffing to ensure the safety and well-being of all building users, as well as the proper use of technical theatrical equipment. Positions like stage manager, ushers, and front of house coverage must be provided by user groups. Contact us to discuss what will work well for your event.

Technical Equipment

MYArts offers audio, lighting, video production equipment on site.

* This information is intended for guidance purposes only. Availability of any amenities described herein may change. Please contact MYArts Staff with any questions regarding MYArts Starlight Theater to receive up-to-date information.